How To Grow Your MLM Like A Willow Tree

Posted by [email protected] on May 29, 2013 at 7:45 AM

A giant Willow Tree towered over all the other willows in her family. She was the mother of all willows surrounding her. Every day she would stand watch over her sapling siblings and provide them wisdom on how to grow and mature into an adult willow tree. For she was the wisest of them all with a massive and complex root system to hold her mighty place among the woods.


One day as she was providing wisdom to her sapling siblings, a young and immature sapling yelled out to his mother requesting faster growth. The sapling said, “Mother I want to become tall and mighty like you and I want it now.” However, the mother willow tree being the wisest refused and said that first you need to learn my wisdom. However, the young sapling sibling became angry and intolerant towards his mother after he heard that. He refused to be patient and would no longer listen to his mother. Therefore, he started pushing aside his other brothers and sisters, and started stealing their sunlight so that he could grow faster and be bigger than the rest.


Every day he would boast and brag about how tall he was growing and he showed off his limbs to his family, flexing them in the gentle breeze. The sun would dance off his leaves and cast a radiant dazzling brilliance upon him. While others in his family took notice and started to admire their brother, the mother grew sadder each day. Then the willow tree finally reached the height of his mother and said, “Look at me mother, I’m as tall as you and still growing faster than you!” “By next year, I will be the biggest in the forest and everyone will look up to me.” The mother willow tree sadly looked aside and lowered her branches so that the tips of her branches touched the ground.


That night a huge storm came by with gale force winds blowing across the woods. The mother willow tree as usual would stretch out her branches and cover her sapling siblings to protect them. She could hear her son in fear crying out for his mother as he swayed from side to side. He started rocking back and forth to the point where his roots started leaving the ground below him. However, because he was so selfish he refused his mothers wisdom and did not get his roots set deep before he grew in height. When morning came, her son laid on the ground with his mother standing next to him weeping. Hence, the name “Weeping Willow Tree” came to be known.

Aurthor: Mark Recker



Network marketing requires a lot of patience to build your business. Too many people are in a big push to market their opportunity fast and furious without learning the proper steps to building relationships with their potential business partners.  When they don't see immediate progress they often jump into another opportunity and repeat the same mistakes over and over.

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